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About Us 



The Family 
The Boekestyn family have been growing outstanding flowers since 1962.  Now on the third generation, Boekestyn Greenhouses is made up of almost 20 acres of land with about 250,000 sq ft of indoor production at Plant 1.  Plant 2 has the same 20 acres of land with 40,000 sq ft of greenhouse growing space and plans for expansion have already begun. Plant 3 capabilities are possible on another 40 acres of land located between Plant 1 and Plant 2.

Support Growers
Flora Pack operates as the sales and marketing arm for the crops grown at Boekestyn Greenhouses, it also draws from a large variety of growers throughout the region.  This allows Flora Pack to offer a wide variety of items, both in cut flowers and potted plants during holiday time and on a weekly basis. New items are constantly being tested to expand this ever growing portfolio.

High Quality Assured 
Product is periodically viewed during growth and to further ensure quality, all items sold through Flora Pack travels through their distribution warehouse and is inspected when received.  This way items can be checked periodically to ensure that only the highest quality product leaves the premises.

The Objective
The objective is the same -- to provide quality crops on a timely basis, at very competitive prices.  To grow at a pace to satisfy customer demand and to ensure that all needs are met, not only for today, but for many years to come.